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About the repository

All the source code of our work is available in this SVN repository at all times. The purpose of this resource is to host all our material that implies writing code: from TeX and LaTeX documents, to CSS and markup of our webpages, in order to provide a way for co-operative editing and writing and version/revision control. Sudversion is meant to store and provide a copy of code, and not content directly (e.g. articles or reports). To write content for our websites and documents, we use a mediawiki installation: the Hipatia Wiki. Since mediawiki has its own syntax to render contents, the real code and markup used for our websites is stored here, and at the moment this is the main reason for this resource. If you have a free (as in freedom) project following our manifestos, and you would like to host it here, please contact us. The next section describes a short introduction to Subversion, to get started.

If you are just curious to find out what's cooking, you can browse through our SVN repository.

Getting started

To check out our repository, you will need subversion. We provide anonymus access to Sudversion to checkout, but you won't be able to commit any changes unless you have a valid account. To get an account, you need to join us.

To checkout our source code, you just need to type this in a terminal:

svn co<project>

substituting <project> with the source tree you want to checkout (e.g. book).

We provide both HTTP and HTTPS connections to the repository.

You can find a complete reference to subversion here:

Licenses and Copyleft

Our material is covered by free licenses of various kind. We reject EULAs and other licenses used for proprietary, subjugating software, because they put a lock and an owner to knowledge. Generally, we choose the GNU licenses over other free licenses, because the GNU project, and its licenses, are commited to the community, granting the freedom to share and protecting people from the most modern dangers such as software patents. For the documentation, we suggest and use the GNU Free Documentation License.

The text content available in our pages (such as articles in the www tree) is covered by GNU FDL 1.3 or equivalent (e.g. CC-BY-SA). This means that if you would like to replicate this kind of contet you should attribute the source of the work to its author, because such works represent the author's opinions.

To keep easly track of what license is used in which project, every tree contains a LICENSE.txt file, which contains a list of the licenses used for the project, including a copy of it when required by the license. If you have questions, please contact us.

Join Us

If you share our goals and want to take action, there are many things you can do. You can follow our mailing list or join our IRC channel, or email us.

Other things you can do:
  • share our resources and documents and use them to promote the freedom of knowledge and free software. Modify them and release your improved versions
  • organize events dealing with the topics of freedom of communication, speech, access to knowledge and in the IT field.
  • organize shows of our videos, or lessons in your school...
Of course you can do these actions even if you are not part of Hipatia, because we share our material respecting your freedoms.

Access policy and coding style

Anyone can checkout our repository, but only the members of Hipatia will get commit access.

If you contribute to a already existing project, please respect the coding style and notation that has already been adopted for the project. For websites and LaTeX files, we provide templates in order to improve readability, uniformity and maintainability of the code.


Currently the languages used for our content are Spanish, Italian and English. We are looking for people who would like to translate our contents in different languages. If you are interested, please let us know!


Hipatia is a NGO advocating for the freedom of every human being to access knowledge in every shape, to contribute to it and to share it, as an essential human right. It is in opposition to any pyramidal and elitist form of control, censorship of knowledge, in favour of freedom. The fundamental tool for this revolution is Free Libre Software, which is intrinsecally committed to the community, giving people the power and the responsibility of an aware and active access to knowledge. Think of "free" as in freedom and not as "free beer". To learn more about Hipatia, please visit our main website.

Useful links

This is a short list of useful links you may want to visit to learn more about our work:

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